North Kalimantan

After island hopping from the Indonesian starting point of Jakarta, I travelled with a group to a small, remote village called Long Setulang. Following our stay here we ventured on a 3 hour canoe journey deep into the rainforest. As the only graduate on this trip I helped advise the current 5 students that we’re also assigned. Everyone had a category to document, to then send off to support the eco-tourism of Long Setulang.

We worked with award winning modern explorer Martin Holland. As well as Forest Management/Tropical Biodiversity/Conservation & Eco-tourism students of Tanjungpura University & Sekolah Pascasarjana IPB. There was a fantastic array of collaboration on this trip.

Fishing spider (Nilus sp.) female.

Fishing spider (Nilus sp.) female.

Fishing spider (Nilus sp.) male & female.

Fishing spider (Nilus sp.) male.

Fishing spider (Nilus sp.) female.

Unidentified spider species.

Matang narrow-mouthed frog (Microhyla borneensis). Once the smallest known frog from the Old World.